The process to sign a Participating Addendum between CTL and a Political Subdivision Agency.

A Participating Addendum, or ‘PA’ is an agreement between CTL and a participating entity that allows each party to use CTL’s NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement.

Typically, a Participating Addendum is signed by the Procurement Official of the State authorizing participation by all eligible entities of that state. (Click on ‘States‘ to see if your state has signed a NASPO PA with CTL.)

If your state has not signed a PA with CTL, in some cases, political subdivisions (which can include Cities, Counties K-12, Higher Education etc), may executive their own Participating Addendum directly with CTL with the approval of the state’s State Procurement Official.

The following form is used to seek this approval.

When you submit the form below:

  1. The form entries will be delivered to CTL and NASPO
  2. NASPO will work with the state to seek approval of direct PA between CTL and the political subdivision agency.
  3. NASPO will notify CTL of the outcome
  4. CTL will notify you of the outcome and will work with the political subdivision agency on a PA if authorized.
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