School Logo Painting


School Logo

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Would you like to custom order your Tablets or Chromebook?  

CTL has a service for such a request

Must meet the minimum 25 to set-up

after that the minimum is 10 units.


Customer Pricing:

$30 ea for 10-24 units
$15 ea for 25 – 99 units
$12 ea for 100+ units
Chromebook Templates: .ai file | .eps file
What it Costs CTL to get Printing/Painting:  Digitally Printing
$80 per art setup cost per order
Minimum run $200.00
Qty 10                   $20.00 each
Qty 25                   $8.00 each
Qty 50                   $6.40 each
Qty 100                 $6.00 each
Qty 250                 $5.65 each
Qty 500                 $5.30 each
Qty 2000               $5.05 each
Benefits – Full color, print any hi-res graphic, minimal reject issues.


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