Anywhere Carts series

$2,200.00 $1,892.00

Secure Charging Carts and Cabinets for your school. Fit ChromeBooks, iPads, Tablets and Laptops, all in one cart. Designed for Teachers and Students.


Introducing the AC-SLIM a fully adjustable 36 bay charging cart with Intelli-Timer for Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets & Laptops – 9” to 14”

  • Versatile – Fits Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets or Laptops
  • Configurable – Dividers with Integrated Cable Management
  • Durable – All Metal Construction with Fold-Away Doors & Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Efficient – Removable Power Adapter Trays for 3x Faster Setup
  • Secure – 3-point Locking Doors plus Padlock Flange for Increased Security
  • Functional – Built-in cycle mode timer with 12’ Replaceable power cord
  • Nimble – Stable, quiet & easy to maneuver
  • Reliable – Lifetime frame warranty
Configuration Made Easy! Thin, Thick, Combo…Limitless. – Adjustable in 1/2″ increments to accommodate any device width.
Intelli-Timer: 3 Modes That Matter In The Classroom – Adjustable Cycles from 15 to 240 Minutes

 Cooling Fans Help Circulate Air to Keep Devices & Adapters Cool
NEW! 5″ Wheels w/ Directional Locking Feature
  • Press the Orange foot pedal for easy to maneuver, smooth straight-line motion for hallways, around campus and long distance
  • Release the Orange foot pedal for a precise, swivel motion in the classroom, tight spaces and short distances
Deploy 36 devices in 45 minutes!
1) Open Doors
2) Remove AC Adapter Baskets
3) Load AC Adapters Into Baskets
4) Replace AC Adapter Baskets
5) Run Device Cords Through Back Wall
6) Plug in AC Adapters
7) Feed Device Cords Through Integrated Cable Management Tabs Inside Cart
8) Load Devices and Attach Power Cords


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