CTL WSCA-NASPO Services Overview

 CTL offers a variety of services under the WSCA-NASPO Master Agreement. These services are offered at discounts of  19-50% from list price and include:

Out of Warranty Break-Fix/After Service
CTL will discuss repair options and prices with the user and/or the site’s technical personnel to determine the best and most cost effective course of action to quickly repair the product.

Installation/de-installation, Staging/Deployment
CTL offers On-Site Installation Staging and Deployment Services which can include staging systems for large roll outs; delivery of systems and peripherals; unpacking, setup and connecting to existing network; booting up and performing systems tests; removal and disposal of excess packaging.

CTL can additionally provide On-Site de-installation services for the existing equipment that is being replaced by new equipment. This service includes disconnecting the equipment from the network; packing and shipping to a recycling facility for environmentally responsible disposal.

CTL can provide migration support as part of our consulting services. Migration services can include step-by-step guides and helpdesk support to assist end users and the site’s technical staff with the migration of files created on previous systems to compatible formats in CTL’s solution.

Asset Tagging and Management
Asset Tagging and Management: CTL asset tagging solutions are designed to flexibly conform to a customer’s specific asset tagging and tracking needs. Systems can be labeled with an asset number and tag assigned and created by CTL; with an asset number provided by the customer and a tag created by CTL; or with an asset number and tag provided by the customer. CTL provides asset tag reporting in electronic reports and via a customer accessible online reporting tool that also includes system configuration and warranty information.

CTL’s online asset management system uses administrator granted role based security to allow authorized users to easily retrieve the asset history for any individual asset. This asset history includes repair history, assignment history (including transfers between schools or students) and any device data changes (including MAC address changes).

CTL is offering Asset Tagging and Management free of charge for all systems purchased on this contract.

Image loading
CTL can administer, maintain and load customer software images onto the systems that a customer purchases. CTL is offering this service free of charge for all PCs purchased on this contract.

CTL Technicians communicate directly with in-house technicians at the customer’s location: 1) to assist in creation of images; 2) about any changes to a customer’s image; 3) regarding any recommended image change relating to drivers or patches. CTL keeps master images for the customer in an “Image Library” in the form of either a physical “Master Image Hard Drive” or on a CTL File Server.

Image Consulting
CTL is offering image consulting for all PCs purchased off of this contract as a free value add service.

CTL engineers will help the customer understand configuration options and the impact of settings on the end user experience. CTL can send out a reference system which the customer uses to install their required software. CTL then utilizes this system to create a customer master image. A CTL engineer is available to help make choices regarding settings and functionality.

CTL is committed to doing its part to ensure a safe and healthy environment. CTL products are designed to be highly recyclable, including design for disassembly for recycling with commonly available tools and compliance with RoHS requirements for reducing and eliminating hazardous substances from the product bill of materials.

While CTL works hard to ensure that hazardous materials are kept out of solid waste and wastewater by eliminating them from the product bill of materials, we also ensure that products are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner at end of life. CTL has a robust take back recycling / e-waste recovery program that has been in operation since November 2004. To-date CTL’s e-waste recovery program has recovered over 2,500,000 pounds of e-waste.

CTL ensures that recycling is conducted in a manner consistent with EPA recycling guidelines; the European Union’s WEEE Directive regarding the recycling or reuse of old equipment and with federal, state and local regulations regarding disposal of electronic equipment by utilizing an R2 certified recycler. E-waste recyclers meeting the R2 certification must demonstrate environmentally responsible e-waste recycling practices through detailed documentation and a regular series of audits.

Customers can request a printed or electronic copy of a certificate of destruction for all equipment that CTL takes back.

CTL is offering these recycling/disposal services free of charge for each end-of-life CTL product sold on this contract.

Training, Certification and General Consulting / Custom and other Services
CTL offers General IT Consulting Services to customers on an hourly basis and can work with customers to create or administer custom training and/or certification programs for an agencies users.